Changing MacOS Screen Capture Format

If you like taking screenshots on your macOS for different purposes, e.g. storing confirmation pages, and you’d rather JPG format (as opposed to the default PNG format) I have a good news for you: You can easily change the format of the default macOS screen capture tool.

First let’s remember: The shortcut Cmd+Shift+4 gives you the ability to select area you’d like to take a screenshot and Cmd+Shift+3 gives you the ability to take the screenshot of the whole screen.

So, how is it possible to change the default format? You’ll need to hit to the terminal emulator for this. If you haven’t done before it is reachable from the Applications > Utilities folder.

defaults write type jpg

Then you’ll need to restart SystemUIServer service by killing it:

killall SystemUIServer

You can change jpg to png, pdf, gif and tiff in the first command if you find one of the others more useful.